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Quick QH-11

QH-11 is a paddy harvester machine or also well-known as combine harvester. QH-11 has 2 types: QH-11 DM and QH-11 DE.

QH-11 Versatility:

  • - Able to work at muddy field
  • - Agile maneuver
  • - Adjustable height of cutting blades
  • - Guaranteed after-sales services
  • - Easy mobilization (fit in pickup truck)




Product Name Paddy Combine Harvester
Model QH-11 HM QH-11 DM QH-11 DE
Type Whole Feeding, Riding Type
Dimension Length (mm) 3430
Width (mm) 1560
Height (mm) 1495
Weight (kg) 867 877 900
Engine Spesification Engine Type 4 strokes, water-cooled
Model RD 110 DI-N RD 110 DI-NB
Maximum Power (HP/rpm) 11 / 2.400
Fuel (Liter) 11 Liter, Diesel Fuel
Lubricant (Liter) 2,8 (SAE 30)
Starting System Manual Manuall & Electric
Control Transmission Type Combination (Gear-Chain)
Speed Forward 3
Reverse 1
Crawler Crawler Width (mm) 320
Material Rubber
Ground Clearance (mm) 295
Steering Dog Clutch with brake
Oil Gearbox Specification Rored (SAE-90)
Volume (Liter) 8
Hydraulic Specification Turalik 43 (SAE-10)
Volume (Liter) 0,6 5
Cutting Mechanism Height Adjusting Manual Hydraulic Engine Hydraulic
Cutting Blades Width (mm) 1.230
Cutting Blades Adjustable Height (mm) 200 - 800
Capacity Normative Capacity (jam / Ha) 5,57
Fuel Consumption (Liter / Hour) 1,74
Loses (%) 1,95
Purity (%) 91,85

* Specification details mentioned above are based on test report: LB.130/88/MPP/06/VII/2016 & LB.130/87/MPP/05/VII/2016
* Specification is subject to change without prior notice

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