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Traktor Quick Traktor Quick Traktor Quick

Generating Set


    1. GSP (Silent Type)
      QUICK GSP powered by KUBOTA engines with TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) technologies and exhaust gas cleaners that coupled together with Stamford generator. GSP designed with special reducer that produce low-noise and low-vibration, so it won't disturb the environments.
      The AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) on Stamford Generator produces a stable voltage regulators and rapid automatic response, it used to maintain the voltage stability especially for sensitive electronics equipment.
      GSP is suitable for environments that needs high tranquility level, such as: Offices, Banks, Hotels, Luxury Homes, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc.
      - QUICK GSP 10 KVA
      - QUICK GSP 12,5 KVA
      - QUICK GSP 15 KVA
      - QUICK GSP 20 KVA
      - QUICK GSP 25 KVA
      - QUICK GSP 30 KVA

    2. GOT (Open Type)
      The "Open Type" models of QUICK Generating Set (GOT) equiped with KUBOTA diesel engines and Stamford generators engine that coupled and designed without a silencer box (open) to reinforce the air flow and less expensive.
      GOT just need a small space to operate for its compact designs. Easy to maintenance and suitable for heavy-duty such as: factory, workshop, etc.
      - QUICK GOT 10 KVA
      - QUICK GOT 15 KVA
      - QUICK GOT 20 KVA
      - QUICK GOT 25 KVA


    1. J Series (easy to use and durable)
      2 pole single phase dan three phase, daya listrik 5.5 – 20.0 kVA

      This semi-open Generator use the Super Mini engine or KUBOTA 05 Series engine. Designed to ease the operation on every place, even in the small one. The larger fuel tank and the greater fuel efficiency ensure to supply more electrical energy by filling one tank of fuel.
      - KUBOTA J106: 5.5 kVA
      - KUBOTA J108: 8.0 kVA
      - KUBOTA J112: 12.0 kVA
      - KUBOTA J116: 16.0 kVA
      - KUBOTA J310: 10.0 kVA
      - KUBOTA J315: 15.0 kVA
      - KUBOTA J320: 20.0 kVA

    2. GL Series (space-saving and environmentally friendly)
      4 pole single phase, daya listrik 5.5 – 8.0 kVA

      LOWBOY II Series designed with a minimum height on the usage of vertical diesel engine. This is possible with the installation of a direct coupling on the engine crankshaft with the cooling fan. Because it requires just a small space to operate, it is possible to use it for any purpose.
      - KUBOTA GL6000: 5.5 kVA
      - KUBOTA GL9000: 8.0 kVA

    3. KJ Series (super tough)
      4 pole single phase dan three phase, daya listrik 12.5 – 30.0 kVA

      Super tough Generator that equiped with Kubota 03 Series engine and V3 Series engine. Many functions were added to make the KJ Series more silent, more efficient and can be operated safely at anytime and anywhere.
      - KUBOTA KJ-S130VX: 12.5 kVA
      - KUBOTA KJ-T130VX: 12.5 kVA
      - KUBOTA KJ-T180VX: 18.0 kVA
      - KUBOTA KJ-T300: 30.0 kVA

    4. SQ Series (super quiet)
      4 pole single phase dan three phase, daya listrik 11.2 – 30.0 kVA

      The biggest among the tough Series, but very quiet from the series 4 pole generator. Equiped with special enclosures using sound absorber duct, huge muffler, very long air cleaner hose and a quieter cooling fan that makes this machine becomes a very quiet generator (61-64dB from 7 m / 23 feets of distance at full load).
      - KUBOTA SQ-1120: 11.2 kVA
      - KUBOTA SQ-1150: 15.0 kVA
      - KUBOTA SQ-3140: 14.0 kVA
      - KUBOTA SQ-3200: 20.0 kVA
      - KUBOTA SQ-3300: 30.0 kVA
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