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Quick Factory Tour

QUICK TUJUAN WISATA (QTW) is one of CV.KHS programs that invites institutes, school organizations, and students from junior/senior/vocational high school or university to visit and have a study tour in the Quick Tractor factory in Yogyakarta, the biggest hand tractor manufacturer in Indonesia.

Participants will get the knowledge about several production process of agricultural equipments especially Quick hand tractor. Besides, QTW also give contributions and give more industrial tourism site towards Special Region of Yogyakarta as one of education center in Indonesia.

Moreover, QTW also offers many kind of purchasable souvenirs, such as: t-shirt, keychain, hat, etc. with special design. Click on this link to view more information about QTW souvenirs package: QTW Package

Terms and conditions to submit a visit request :
  1. At least 10 and up to 200 participants in a group/visits.
  2. Visit request must be submitted at least one month prior to scheduled industrial visits (At least one and a half month prior with t-shirt order).
  3. Fills and send the application form (click here to download). We will reply it as soon as possible with a confirmation letter.
  4. Bring along the confirmation letter from CV. KHS on the scheduled industrial visits.

Rules and regulations during industrial visits :
  1. Participants have to wear a formal uniform and shoes (no sandals or flip flops)
  2. Participants have to wear a hat during factory tour
  3. Participants have to follow the tour guide through the specified route
  4. During the factory tour, the participants must be on the determined route (marked with yellow line)
  5. Do not doodling on the table and all the company's inventory
  6. Do not take pictures or videos in the production environment with any capturing/taping devices (cameras, camcorders, mobile phone, etc.)
  7. Do not disturb production operators
  8. Do not touch the operating (online) machines
  9. Do not move anything in the factory
  10. No smoking in the factory
  11. Do not carry out anything from CV.KHS (except souvenirs distributed to participants)
  12. Keep the cleanliness of factory area (no littering and spitting)

Note :
CV. KHS does not accept any kind of gift. Please use the allocated funds to purchase the souvenirs from us.
CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa, Yogyakarta - Indonesia