Product, Spare Part

Quick Bearing

Quick is known as the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Indonesia which also produces spare part for our tractors. One of the most crucial component in tractor, bearing, is also manufactured in our company. Quick bearing has many types and sizes with great quality.

Why QUICK Bearing?

To improve the efficiency of operation cost, a strong and durable spare part is needed. Bearing is one of components in tractor which has short life time. That is why you need a high quality bearing to save your money and time.

Japan Technology

QUICK Bearing is manufactured by machinery and equipment from Japan which are famous as the world’s best. Our operators are professional and experienced. Our materials and production process are qualified by professionals. Tight quality control should be passed every product to ensure the excellence of our bearing before distributed through entire nation.


We believe that no one want to change bearing often. Our bearing has undoubted strength, durability and precision that will save your money and time by its longevity.