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Quick E 85

Quick E 85, powerful, effective and efficient two wheel tractor. Equipped with various types of implements to cultivate dry soil and wet field (rice field). Its 8,5 HP Kubota diesel engine brings power to higher level.



  • Light steering clutch making it easy to handle.


  • Designed with 8.5 HP Kubota diesel engine, Quich E85’s power is undoubted for dry or wet field duty


  • High grade cast iron is used for body frame to reduce vibrations making it tough, strong, long-lasting, stable and precision even after reassembled many times.
Brand/Model QUICK / E 85
No. of Speed 1 (forward)
Transmission System Full Gear
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Main Clutch V-Belt dengan Tension Pulley
Steering Clutch Dog Clutch
Lubricant 4.5 Liter (SAE 90-140 Oil)
Dimensions with Cage Wheel and Tyre Length (mm) 2550 / 2550
Width (mm) 1075 / 800
Height (mm) 1340 / 1180
Weight without Engine (kg) 188.6 / 148.2
Weight with Engine(kg) Depends on the engine type
Capacity (single plough) Paddy Field (jam/Ha) ± 11.70 *
Dry Field (jam/Ha) ± 12.43 **
* Based on Test Report No : LB.130/08/TRD/08/I/2015 ** Specification and design to change without any notice
Type RD 85 DI-2S RD 85 DI-1S
Engine Type 1 Flat Diesel Engine Cylinder (4 strokes)
Average Power (HP/RPM) 7.5 / 2200
Max. Power (HP/RPM) 8.5 / 2200
Balancing Tool 2 (Axial)
Fuel Diesel Fuel
Starting System Kick Starter
Combustion System Direct injection
Cooling System Water Cooling System
Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 9.5
Lubricant Volume (liter) 2.4
Weight (Kg) 89 86
Lighting (V : W / W) 12 – 32 / 32 (IC Regulator)
* Specification and design to change without any notice
 roda besi standar Quick G 1000 Boxer Cage Wheel
roda karet Quick G 1000 Boxer Tyre
bajak singkal Quick G 1000 Boxer Plough
garu Quick G 1000 Boxer Leveller
 gelebeg Quick G 1000 Boxer Puddler
  Hitch II (for narrow area)

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