Quick Truck QT-14 Series

Multipurpose Transporter Tractor

Quick Truck QT-14 Series is transporter tractor for plantation, rural area and non highway multipurpose transportation. Phisically, the unit looks like pick up truck, able to be operated on the road and off-road such as in palm plantation and on rural road.

Quick Combine Harvester QH-11

Definitely Profitable

Quick Combine Harvester QH-11 Series, Compact and agile combine harvester to enhance your productivity and become definitely profitable. The name derives from its combining three separate harvesting operations (reaping, threshing, and winnowing) into a single process. The output grain has level of cleanliness up to 91.85% and 1.95% of loses.

Quick M 1000 Alfa

The Multi Speed Tractor

Quick M 1000 Alfa, the multi-speed two wheel tractor provides 2 forward speed and 1 reverse speed to fit your operations. Strong and tough to cultivate dry soil and wet field (paddy field). Powerful 8,5 HP Kubota diesel engine to accommodate field transportations.

Quick Capung Rawa

Champion in Deep Paddy Field

Quick Capung Rawa, ploughing mini tractor which is specially designed to cultivate deep rice field. Wide tread and small turning radius make it excellent in deep paddy field. Honda GX 200 gasoline engine and high quality cast iron body frame give more power, strength and durability.

Quick GSP Series

Stable and Soundproof

Quick Generating Set GSP, low vibration and silent genset (generating set) to meet your needs of quite environment. Soundproof and Stable. Kubota engine with TVSC (Three Vortex Combustion System) coupled with Stamford alternator and AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) makes it the best in class.
genset silent, CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa, listrik, genset, genset kubota, Genset 20 KVA
genset silent, CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa, listrik, genset, genset kubota, Genset 20 KVA