Quick Cakar Baja

Small, tough, and versatile cultivator built with Honda GX 200 engine and high quality cast iron blade to meet requirement for dry soil, vegetables farm, ditching, rotary processing and weeding. This series is perfectly designed for vegetable cultivation and suitable for land terracing and narrow area.

Quick Cakar Baja Mini

Agile and extraordinary cultivator design for vegetable and dry soil cultivation which is light, handy to operate and perfect match for land terracing also narrow area. This series is designed to perform various job in preparing soil before planting and protecting plants which have begun growing.
Quick Cakar Baja Mini is a featured product from CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa to help you cultivate the soil in careful pattern, sparing the corp plant free from weeds. This mini cultivator has numerous strong and durable blade (teeth) functioned to stir and pulverize the soil , either before planting (to aerate the soil) or after the crop has begun growing (to kill weeds)
Quick Cakar Baja mini has lots of advantage in agricultural mechanism, such as bellow: