Quick M 1000 Alfa

The Multi Speed Tractor

Quick M 1000 Alfa, the multi-speed two wheel tractor provides 2 forward speed and 1 reverse speed to fit your operations. Strong and tough to cultivate dry soil and wet field (paddy field). Powerful 8,5 HP Kubota diesel engine to accommodate field transportations.

Quick Capung Rawa

Champion in Deep Paddy Field

Quick Capung Rawa, ploughing mini tractor which is specially designed to cultivate deep rice field. Wide tread and small turning radius make it excellent in deep paddy field. Honda GX 200 gasoline engine and high quality cast iron body frame give more power, strength and durability.

Quick Impala

The Exceptional Climber

Quick Impala, agile and strong ploughing two wheel tractor to climb up and down every step on rice terrace. Weightless tractor for cultivation in mountain area. Offering two types of engine to fit your needs, Kubota RD 65 (diesel engine) or Honda GX 270 (gasoline engine).

Quick Zena Rotary

Quick Zena Rotary, a versatile rotary hand tractor/rotary tiller for various field.  Reliable agricultural machinery for soil cultivating, rotary processing, ploughing, and ditching. Using 11 HP Kubota diesel engine, Quick Zena Rotary is the best choice to assist you.

Quick G 1000 Boxer

The Greatness Becomes Greater

Quick G 1000 Boxer, the most recommended plow type hand tractor by and for farmers. Equipped with various types of implements to cultivate dry soil and wet field (paddy field). This series is engineered to give you an ease of maintenance and operation. Build in Kubota diesel engine, the greatness of this tractor becomes greater.