Do You Have a Problem?

Expensive transportation costs outside the garden or project?

  •   Not all vehicles can go in and out of the garden or project area
  •   Use a motorbike, the load capacity is a little
  •   The price of the transport vehicle is expensive
  •   Expensive vehicle maintenance costs
  •   Spare parts are difficult, take a long time to get and the price is not cheap
  •   Difficult maintenance, mechanics need special skills
  •   Use a used vehicle, you are fussy, you keep paying for it

When is that your problem?
You need

Easy entry and exit

Can be dumped, no unloading required

No special mechanic needed for machine maintenance

Easy and cheap maintenance 1 cylinder diesel

Reasonable Price

Domestic product

Guaranteed spare parts and affordable prices

Produced by the largest agricultural tractor manufacturer in Indonesia

600 kg capacity

QUICK is produced by a local subsidiary and controls 70% of the market share of two-wheel tractors for agriculture. Known for its quality products, standardized and handled with the latest technology in manufacturing. With manufacturing facilities from Research Development, Design, Foundry, Sheet Metal, Machining, Assembling, and based on experience in developing Indonesia's agricultural support industry, QUICK produces QUICK TRUCK. The simple and functional design is the result of our dedication to contribute to increasing production efficiency in Indonesia.


IDR 85.780.000*

IDR 90.020.000*

*Yogyakarta loco prices. Does not include postage.

"For us Quick Truck owners, we get the speed of time. It should be done by 6 people in 3 or 4 days, if using a Quick Truck, it is done in a day"

"I use the Quick Truck to transport coconut, corn, cassava and fertilizer. Very fuel efficient, entering between plantation crops is very easy, faster, more efficient and simpler"

"This Quick Truck is nice and strong. I often use it to enter the garden. This Quick Truck can drive through rough/muddy roads. I thank you, Quick Truck has helped a lot to make my job smooth "

"This Quick Truck makes me excited. I can harvest by myself. I can transport myself. I drive myself. Only Quick Trucks can penetrate inside. Quick Truck frame I see strong"

"Looking for clay transportation equipment on Youtube, there are many choices, until finally choose Quick Truck. Choose Quick Truck because the price is cheap, Kubota engine is stubborn and stubborn, you don't have to worry about spare part supplies because it is a domestic product"

"The dimensions are agile to enter the palm oil gate. The diesel is just right, the fuel consumption is economical, the energy is enough to remove 500-600kg. The operation is practical"

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