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Quick Cakar Baja Mini

Quick Cultivator Cakar Baja Mini, versatile, agile and powerful cultivator or mini tiller for vegetables, tubers and fruit farming. Its right dimension makes it able to work in narrow bed ditch. Equipped with various types of implements to cultivate various type of soil, ditch, and get rid of weed.  Honda GX 160 gasoline engine and special cast iron body frame elevate its power, strength and durability.



  • High quality cast iron is used to guarantee gear box’s endurance


  • Undoubted stability
  • Easy and light to handle


  • Handle bar height can be adjusted to meet ditch depth specification


  • CV. Karya Hidup SentosaKHS is the Indonesia’s largest manufacturer of two wheel hand tractor, well-known as QUICK.
  • After sales and spare part warranty
Handle Pin Position 5 holes to give different height
Dimension (Rubber Wheel)
Length Width Height
First Handle Pin Position (Lowest) mm 1466 600 787
Second Handle Pin Position mm 1450 925
Third Handle Pin Position (Middle) mm 1410 1050
Fourth Handle Pin Position mm 1338 1166
Fifth Handle Pin Position (Highest) mm 1243 1262
Weight Without Engine (Rubber Wheel) kg 40
Engine Brand / model Honda / GX-160
Type 4 Stroke, horizontal
Max power HP / rpm 5,5 / 3600
Net power HP / rpm 4,8 / 3600
Cylinder Volume cc 163
Cooling System Air
Fuel Tank Capacity Liter 3,1
Fuel Gasoline
Lubricant Tank Capacity Liter 0,58
Air Filter System wet type or dual type
Weight kg 15
No. of Speed Forward 2
Reverse 1
Transmission Chain and Gear
Transmission Lubricant / Capasity Liter SAE 90 Oil / 1,1
Main Clutch Tooth V-belt and Tension Pulley
Engine Pulley Diameter mm 76 (1 row)
Main Pulley Diameter 162 (1 row)
*  Specification and design to change without any notice
Blade S 500/720/920 Blade T 500/720/920
Pulverizing and weeding Pulverizing and weeding
Land condition: Dry – Soft Processed soil size: 1-2 cm Working Width 500/720/920 mm by adding and removing blades Land Condition: Crumbly Processed soil size: 1-2 cm Working Width 500/720/920 mm mm by adding and removing blades
Blade J 250 Blade T 500/720/920
Weeding Pulverizing and weeding
Land condition: dry and loam Processed soil size: 3-5 cm Able to work between tillage without destroying crop plant Land condition: dry and loam Working Width 400/600 mm by adding and removing blades Able to shape a ditch

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