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Quick G 1000 Boxer

Quick G 1000 Boxer, the most recommended ploughing hand tractor by and for farmers. Equipped with various types of implements to cultivate dry soil and wet field (paddy field). This series is engineered to give you an ease of maintenance and operation. Build in Kubota diesel engine, the greatness of this tractor becomes greater.



  • Compact and tough gear box give high endurance
  • Bigger hitch pin allows you to attach various implements
  • Dog Clutch System with 4 large clutchs
  • Implement feature locator in cage wheel


  • Extension pulley cover leverages v-belt durability and provides anti-slip
  • Main bearing housing attached to gear box keeps oil from leakage
  • Puddler uses specific rubber bush to lengthen durability and easy to replace
  • Shifting fork is equipped with TC seal to avoid leakage
  • Tension pulley is easily to adjust v-belt both from inside and outside


  • Minimum vibration to comfort in operations
  • Ergonomic and light clutch
  • Movable Hitch I to adjust your needs
  • Friendly operation with pull-able string attached on handle bar
  • Best in stability to give easiness in control
  • Movable puddler to fine-fit with height requirement
  • Hitch II “L” model provided to enhance performance in reaching corners (optional)


  • Flash mounting system on main shaft is designed simultaneously to quicken both seal and bearing replacement and able to change shaft in standing position or fall position.
  • Input bearing housing system is designed to simplify seal, bearing, input shaft, and sprocket replacement.
  • Oil check featured
Model QUICK / G 1000 BOXER
No. of speed 1 forward (two way pulley)
Transmission Combination (Gear-Chain)
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Main clutch V-Belt (2 pcs) & Tension Pulley
Steering Clutch Dog Clutch (4 pcs, large)
Lubricant 5.5 Liter (SAE 90-140 oil)
Dimensions (Cage Wheel / Tyre) Length (mm) 2750 / 2750
Wide (mm) 1130 / 860
Height (mm) 1410 / 1275
Weight (without engine) (kg) 203.8 / 164.8 *
Weight (with engine) (kg) depends on engine type
Capacity (using 8.5 HP engine and single plow) Paddy Field (hr/Ha) ± 9.74 **
Dry land (hr/Ha) ± 9.44 **
*  Weight of tractor with single plow (without engine): 225.6 kg (4974 lbs) for Cage Wheel, 186.6 kg  (4114 lbs) for rubber wheel ** Based on QUICK G 1000 Boxer – RD85 DI-2S trial test report *** Specification and design to change without any notice
Type RD 85 DI-2S RD 85 DI-1S RD 110 DI-2T
Number of Cylinder 1 cylinder flat diesel engine (4 strokes)
Engine HP/RPM 7.5 / 2200 10 / 2400
Engine HP/RPM (max.) 8.5 / 2200 11 / 2400
Balancing tool 2 axial 2 axial
Fuel diesel fuel
Starting System kick starter
Combustion system direct injection
Cooling System water cooling system
Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 9.5 11
Lubricant Volume (liter) 2.4 2.8
Weight (Kg) 89 86 106
Lighting 12 – 32 / 32 (IC Regulator)
* Specification and design to change without any notice
 roda besi standar Quick G 1000 Boxer Standard cage wheel with locator
roda karet Quick G 1000 Boxer Tyre
bajak singkal Quick G 1000 Boxer Plough
garu Quick G 1000 Boxer Leveler
 gelebeg Quick G 1000 Boxer Puddle
  Wide cage wheel (for very deep field)
  Wide cage wheel (for deep field)
  Super disc plow
  Hitch II  “L” model (to enhance performance in reaching corners)

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