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Quick G 600

An exclusive and deluxe plow tiller type hand tractor with Kubota Engine which offer an ease of operation and maintenance to support you finishing dry and we field duty.


  • Small turning radius makes it best in small area
  • Light steering clutch gives an easiness in control
  • Stable in performance


  • Made of high quality cast iron reducing vibrations and increasing strength as well as precision even after reassembled many times
Brand/Model QUICK / G 600
No. of Speed 1 (Forward)
Transmission System Full Gear
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Main Clutch V-Belt (2 buah) & Tension Pulley
Steering Clutch Dog Clutch
Lubricant Volume 3.5 Liter (SAE 90-140 Oil)
Dimensions with Cage Wheel and Tyre Length (mm) 2310 / 2310
Width (mm) 1058 / 780
Height (mm) 1420 / 1290
Weight without Engine (kg) 165.2 / 138.6
Weight with Engine (kg) Depends on the engine type
Capacity (6.5 HP and single plough) Paddy Field (hr/Ha) ± 12.92 *
Dry Field (hr/Ha) ± 13.44 *
* Based on QUICK G 600 – RD65 DI-2S test report, Nomor Test Report: LB.130/12/TRD/11/I/2015 ** Specification and design to change without any notice
Model RD 65 DI-2S RD 65 DI-1S
Type 1 flat diesel engine cylinder (4 strokes)
Average Power (HP/RPM) 5.5 / 2200
Max. Power (HP/RPM) 6.5 / 2200
Fuel Diesel Fuel
Starting System Kick Starter
Combustion System Direct Injection Type
Cooling System Water Cooling System
Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 8
Lubricant Volume (liter) 2
Weight (Kg) 67 73
Lighting 12 – 32 / 32 (IC Regulator)
* Specification and design to change without any notice
 roda besi standar Quick G 1000 Boxer Cage Wheel
roda karet Quick G 1000 Boxer Tyre
bajak singkal Quick G 1000 Boxer Plough
garu Quick G 1000 Boxer Leveller
 gelebeg Quick G 1000 Boxer Puddler
  Hitch II (for narrow (edge) area)

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