Combine Harvester
A rice harvesting machine that makes the rice harvesting process much faster. Good results, clean, and low losses.
A multifunctional cultivator that is strong, agile, and tough. It is suitable for cultivating dry land, preparing vegetable fields, weeding, and making mounds/beds.
Generator Set
Generator sets suitable for high-power environments such as offices, banking, hotels, luxury homes, restaurants, hospitals, and others
Implement Traktor Roda 4
Implement 4 Wheel Tractor which is suitable for various brands.
A metal casting unit that is able to provide solutions to meet your product needs with a high standard
Suku Cadang
Genuine Quick Traktor spare parts with guaranteed superior quality to maximize product performance.
Traktor Angkut
Transport tractor as a solution for rural, agricultural and mining transportation that is strong, efficient, and tough.
Traktor Roda 4
The four-wheel tractor is strong, tough, and suitable for cultivating large flat areas.
Traktor Tangan
Strong, tough and stable two-wheel tractor. It is suitable for dry land, wet land, or as a means of transportation.
Vertical Diesel Engine Kubota

Vertical diesel engine. Engine (Engine) that is reliable, durable and long lasting. Can be used and coupling with various types of use such as Pump, Drill, Genset and Tower Lamp.