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Quick Cakar Baja, a cultivator with various functions as a solution for farming vegetables, tobacco, shallots, tubers, and fruit. Equipped with various implements, this cultivator can cultivate all types of land, make mounds/beds, and weed. The Honda GX 200 engine (gasoline engine) is 6.5 HP or the GX 160 is 5.5 HP.

Comfort in Control

Convenience and ease of operation were taken into account when this cultivator was designed. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted according to the operator and the needs of the land conditions. The levers for the operation of the cultivator are also located in an easily accessible location. Cultivators are becoming safer to control when cultivating land.


A wide variety of implements are available to meet the processing needs of various types of land. Starting from plowing, chopping, weeding, to making mounds/beds can be done with one tool. The working width and rotational speed can also be adjusted to suit cropping requirements and optimize crop yields.


Durability Innovation

Technological innovations are continuously applied in every Quick Traktor product to ensure machine durability. This cultivator is equipped with an air filtration system using a snorkel. This component serves to minimize the entry of fine dust into the combustion chamber. The gasoline engine used is also equipped with anti-shock to withstand vibrations so that the engine does not choke when operated.



Guaranteed spare parts

Cultivator Quick Cakar Baja is guaranteed the availability of spare parts because it is produced by the Children of the Country in the country.

Cultivator Specifications
Dimensions with Rubber Wheels Length< /span> mm< /span> 1385* )
Width< /span> mm< /span> 628* )
Height< /span> mm< /span> 1195* )
Drive Motor Weight< /span> kg< /span> 74.4* )
Brand / Model Honda / GX 200
Motor Type 4 Steps , Horizontal, Gasoline
Max Power HP/ rpm 6, 5 / 3600
Net Power HP/ rpm 5, 5 / 3600
Cylinder Volume cc< /span> 196< /span>
Empty Weight kg< /span> 16< /span>
Speed Forward< /span> 2 Speed
Back< /span> 1 Speed
Transmission Chain Combination and Gear
Main Clutch Belt and Tension Pulley
Working Capacity with Main Rotary Blade B Ha/ clock 0, 12*)
Working Width Play Rotary Blade B (340mm) mm< /span> 733* )
Blade B100 (100mm) mm< /span> 265< /span>
Blade B 240 (240mm) mm< /span> 545< /span>
Blade B240 -200 (440mm) mm< /span> 945< /span>
Blade B 100 +240+200 (540mm) mm< /span> 1145< /span>
Blade J mm< /span> 1139< /span>
Blade S mm< /span> 796< /span>
mm< /span> 584< /span>
mm< /span> 368< /span>
Rotary Transmission Housing (RTH)   mm< /span> 385< /span>
Implement/ Equipment
Image Implement Condition


Tyre Transportation


Main Rotary Blade B Dry, Hard Land – Clay


Main Rotary Blade B 100 Dry, Hard Land – Clay Can be adjusted to the working width


Main Rotary Blade B 240


Extension Rotary Blade B 200


Stabilizer Disc Balance on Blades B 100 and B 240


Main Rotary Blade J Dry, Loose Soil


Main Rotary Blade S Dry Soil, Normal Loose


Ridger Shallow scroll


RTH (Rotary Transmission Housing) Scrolls deep and neat


Cage Wheel 370 Used with RTH


Cage Wheel 550 Used for plowing and harrowing


Plow (+ Hitch II) Plow between crops


Leveler Scratching
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