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Quick Cakar Baja

Quick Cakar Baja, a versatile, strong and steady cultivator or mini tiller for vegetables, tubers and fruit farming. Equipped with various types of implements to cultivate various type of soil, ditch, and get rid of weed. Honda GX 200 gasoline engine and special cast iron body frame give more power, strength and durability.



  • Blade and resistance bar are specially designed to provide excellent stability
  • Ideal weight and precision weight point offer great steadiness


  • Excellent quality cast iron gear case gives excellent performance to finish the job
  • Sturdy and anti-dent constructions


  • Compact and comprehensive design fabrication reduce the vibration


  • Rigid and precision construction enhanced component durability
  • Great manufactured casting body frame guarantee from worn-out and leakage
  • Using exceptional component material and fabricated by modern machinery through strict quality control


  • Movable handle which able to adjust operator’s body
  • Disc clutch automatic lock option for comfort operations


  • Land width and depth is easily to adjust
  • Adjustable forward speed and blade rotation speed make it easily to control
Brand/model QUICK / CAKAR BAJA
Handle Pin Position Upper Middle Lower
Dimensions Tyre (LxWxH) mm 1425 x 628 x 1060 1363 x 628 x 1195 1228 x 628 x 1258
Iron Wheel & Rotary (LxWxH) mm 1425 x 780 x 1102 1363 x 780 x 1220 1228 x 780 x 1300
Weight (without engine) Tyre Kg 52.6
Iron Wheel & Rotary Kg 80.4
Ground Clearance Tyre mm 324
Engine Brand / Model Honda / GX 200
Type 4 Stroke, Horizontal
Max Power HP / rpm 6.5 / 3600
Net Power HP / rpm 5.5 / 3600
Cylinder Volume cc 196
Weight Kg 16
No. of Speed Forward 2
Reverse 1
Transmission Chain and Gear
Main Clutch Belt and Tension Pulley
Capacity Dry Field * Ha / Hr 0.137
Main Rotary Blade B No. of Blade Right / Left pcs 9 / 9 (Working Width 755 mm)
Blade J No. of Blade Right / Left pcs 12 / 12 (Working Width 1139 mm)
Blade S No. of Blade Right / Left pcs 12 / 12 (Working Width 796 mm)
pcs 9 / 9 (Working Width 584 mm)
pcs 6 / 6 (Working Width 368 mm)
Rotary Transmission Housing (RTH) No. of Blade Right / Left pcs 9 / 9 (Working Width 385 mm)
*  Using Main Rotary Blade B ** Specification and design to change without any notice
FUNCTION Transportation Chopping Menggulud Chopping / Menggulud Ploughing Between Plants Ploughing Leveling Field
WORKING FIELD Field / Asphalt Stiff / Loam / Clay / Grassed/ Dry Dry / Crumbly Dry / Crumbly Dry / Crumbly Dry / Crumbly  / Normal Dry / Crumbly  / Normal Dry / Crumbly  / Normal
CULTIVATED RESULT Medium Seedbed Rough Seedbed Smooth Seedbed Shallow Ditch Smooth Soil and Deep Ditch Smooth, Deep and Neat Ditch Smooth Soil and Deep Ditch Need and Deep Ditch Over-turned Soil and Making Row for Fertilizing Over-turned Soil Smoother Seedbed
BEST FIT COMODITY Spanish (Red) Onion, Paddy, Vegetables Vegetables Vegetables Vegetables, Watermelon, Melon Vegetables, Watermelon, Chili, Eggplant Tobacco, Corn Vegetables, Watermelon Vegetables, Watermelon
Hitch Pin & Universal Hitch
Resistance Bar
  Main Rotary Blade B
  Main Rotary Blade J
  Main Rotary Blade S
  Iron Wheel
  RTH (Rotary Transmission Housing)
  Cage Wheel 370
  Cage Wheel 550
  Plow (+ Hitch II)

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