Restaurant in Narrow Terraces

The Quick Capung Metal Tractor, the most powerful two-wheel plow tractor in maneuvering in narrow terraced land. Its light weight and turning clutch make it superior in plowing narrow terraced fields. The robustness of the frame and body comes from high quality cast iron. The Honda GX 200 engine (gasoline engine) is powered by 6.5 HP.


Strong Cultivating Land

The gearbox is designed and manufactured from special cast iron. The best technology used in the design and production process guarantees the strength of the tractor when cultivating the land.


Agile Climb

Specially designed as a terracing land management solution, this tractor has the perfect fit, light weight, and stability. The Quick Capung Metal Tractor is designed to be able to climb the terraced bunds agilely. The levers for the operation of the tractor are also located in an easily accessible location. The tractor has become more comfortable and stable to control.

Reliable Maneuver

Supported with a small turning radius, the Quick Capung Metal Tractor is the best choice in narrow terraced areas. The lightweight turning clutch makes the tractor even easier to control. Its reliability in maneuvering is unquestionable.

Hand Tractor Specifications
Merk/Model QUICK / Capung Metal
Speed 1 Speed ​​Forward
Transmission System Combination (Gear-Chain)
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Drive System (Main Clutch) V-Belt (1 piece) & Tensioner
Steering System (Turning Clutch) Dog Clutch
Lubricating Oil Fill 3.2 Liters (SAE 90-140) Oil
Dimensions of Tractor with Iron Wheel / Rubber Wheel 8″ Length (mm) 2093 / 2093
Width (mm) 1108 / 670
Height (mm) 1105 / 1048
Weight with Honda GX 200 drive motor (kg) 112.8/95.4
Weight with motor (kg) Increasing the weight of the drive motor
Working Capacity (using single plow and middle ring iron wheel) Paddy fields (hours/Ha) ± 5.32 *
Dryland (hours/Ha) ± 5,62 *
Engine Specifications
Type GX 200
Motor Type & Number of Cylinders 4 stroke 1 cylinder / OHV
Torque 1.35 Kg-m (13.2 Nm) / 2500 rpm
Maximum Power 6.5 HP (4.8kW) / 3600 rpm
Net Power (SAE J1349) 5.5 HP (4.1kW) / 3600 rpm
Fuel Gasoline
Starting System Recoil
System Cool Air Cooling
Refuel 3.1 Liters
Lubricating Oil Fill 0.6 Liter
Weight 16 Kg
Implement/ Standar Equipment


2 Option of Cage Wheel: Single Ring (for moderate to deep) and Double ring (for normal to moderate)


2 Option for Tyre : ring 8″ or ring 12″




Leveller Frame


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