Inner Land Master

The Quick Capung Rawa Tractor, a two-wheeled plow tractor specially designed for plowing deep rice fields. More agile on the ground with wide-tread steel wheels and a light turning clutch. The Honda GX 200 engine (gasoline engine) is powered by 6.5 HP.

Strong and Tough

The key to the power of the tractor lies in the gearbox and frame. Realizing this, CV Karya Hidup Sentosa ensures the quality of the Quick Capung Rawa Tractor by making the two components themselves. The best materials are selected as the foundation for the toughness of our tractors.


Inland Mainstay

Designed as a solution for deep land cultivation, the Quick Capung Rawa Tractor has the right shape and light weight. The tread on the iron wheels is designed to be able to hold the tractor from sinking in deep ground.

Hand Tractor Specifications
Merk/Model QUICK / Capung Rawa
Speed 1 Speed ​​Forward
Transmission System Combination (Gear-Chain)
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Drive System (Main Clutch) V-Belt (1 piece) & Tensioner
Steering System (Turning Clutch) Dog Clutch
Lubricating Oil Fill 3.2 Liters (SAE 90-140) Oil
Dimensions of Tractor with Iron Wheel / Rubber Wheel Ring 8″ Length (mm) 2093 / 2093
Width (mm) 1222 / 670
Height (mm) 1181 / 1038
Weight without motor (kg) 123.2/ 77
Weight by motor (kg) Added by the weight of the drive motor
Engine Specifications
Type GX 200
Motor Type & Number of Cylinders 4 strokes 1 cylinder / OHV
Maximum Power 6.5 HP (4.8kW) / 1800 rpm
Net Power (SAE J1349) 5.5 HP (4.1kW) / 1800 rpm
Fuel Gasoline
Starting system Recoil
System Cool Air Cooling
Refuel 3.1 Liters
Lubricating Oil Fill 0.6 Liter
Heavy 17 Kg
Implement/ Standar Equipment


Standard Cage Wheel


Tyre ring 8″ Tyre ring 12″


Plough Model As (CR2)


Leveller Frame


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