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Quick G 1000

Quick G 1000, farmer’s choice of plowing hand tractor. Well known of its legendary performance. Strong, tough, and stable to cultivate dry soil and wet field (rice field). Two choices of horsepower, 8,5 HP and 11 HP by Kubota diesel engine to fit your operations.


  • Quick G 1000 is built with high quality cast iron made of special materials


  • Strong and excellent material is used in construction making it durable hand tractor


  • Quick G 1000 Spare Part can be found in our online website (www.tokoquick.id)
Brand/Model QUICK / G 1000
No. of Speed 1 (Forward)
Transmission System Combination (Gear-Chain)
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Main Clutch V-Belt (2 pcs) & Tension Pulley
Steering Clutch Dog Clutch
Lubricant 5 Liter (SAE 90-140 Oil)
Dimension Cage Wheel/ Tyre Length (mm) 2720 / 2720
Width (mm) 1130 / 850
Height (mm) 1370 / 1250
Weight without engine (kg) 203.2 / 163.6 *
Weight with engine (kg) Weight without engine + engine weight
Capacity (8.5 HP and single plough) Paddy Field (hr/Ha) ± 10.15 **
Dry Field (hr/Ha) ± 9.35 **
*  Weight with single plough but without engine : 225 kg (Cage Wheel), 185.4 kg (Tyre) ** Based on two wheel tractor, QUICK G 1000 – RD85 DI-2S test report, No. Test Repost: LB. 130/09/TRD/09/I/2015 *** Specification and design to change without any notice
Brand NameKUBOTA
TypeRD 85 DI-2SRD 85 DI-1SRD 110 DI-2T
Engine Type1 Flat Diesel Engine Cylinder (4 strokes)
Average Power (HP/RPM)7.5 / 220010 / 2400
Maximum Power (HP/RPM)8.5 / 220011 / 2400
Balancing Component2 Axial2 Axial
FuelHigh Grade Diesel Fuel
Starting SystemKick Starter
Combustion SystemDirect injection
Cooling SystemWater Cooling System
Fuel Tank Capacity (liter)9.511
Lubricant Volume (liter)2.42.8
Weight (Kg)8986106
Lighting12 – 32 / 32 (IC Regulator)

*Specification and design to change without any notice

 roda besi standar Quick G 1000 Boxer Cage Wheel
roda karet Quick G 1000 Boxer Tyre
bajak singkal Quick G 1000 Boxer Plough
garu Quick G 1000 Boxer Leveler
 gelebeg Quick G 1000 Boxer Puddler


  Long Step Cage Wheel A ( 15,75″ )
  Wide Step Cage Wheel A (4.73″)
  Wide Step Cage Wheel C (5.9″)
  Disc Plough
  Hitch II (For reaching corners)

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