Quick G 3000 Zeva

Quick G 3000 Zeva tractor, a two-wheeled hand tractor with beautiful and luxurious colors. The frame and body are made of high quality iron, making them strong, tough and stable. This hand tractor from CV Karya Hidup Sentosa (Quick Traktor) can be used on dry land, wet land (rice field tractor), or transportation.




  • Iron wheels with special reinforcement
  • Comes with locator on cast iron wheel
  • Gear Box design compact and strong
  • Hitch Pin bigger
  • Clutch gear SDog Clutch system with 4 large claws


  • Gelebeg wears Bush from special rubber, so it's durable
  • Main Bearing Housing  fused to gear box so it doesn't leak easily
  • Shifting Fork equipped with TC Seal, so it doesn't leak easily
  • Equipped with Extension Pulley Cover which can increase durability V-Belt and anti-slip
  • Tension Pulley, the pressure can be adjusted from the outside or from the inside V-Belt


  • Flash Mounting System Axle (Main Shaft) is designed to replace Seal and Bearing Housing faster and replacement Shaft can be removed simultaneously in both standing and sleeping positions
  • System Input Bearing Housing designed for easier replacement  SealBearingInput Shaft and  Sprockets
  • Equipped Oil Check


  • Low vibration for comfortable operation
  • Stand with iron rod pull for easy operation
  • More stable control
  • Light clutch and ergonomic
  • Height of Gelebeg can be adjusted
  • Altitude Hitch-I can be adjusted
  • Comes with Hitch-II model “L” (Optional)


  • Luxury look orange paint metallic coloring body Quick G 3000 Zeva tractor
  • Stickers stripping with a dynamic and beautiful graphic display
  • Layer Verchroom on pull Stand and on clutch pull
Specification Hand Tractor
Merk/Model QUICK / G 3000 ZEVA
Speed 1 Speed ​​Forward
Transmission System Combination (Gear-Chain)
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Drive System (Main Clutch) V-Belt (2 pieces) & Tension Pulley
Turning System (Turning Clutch) Dog Clutches (4 pieces, large)
Lubricating Oil Fill – SAE 90-140 oil 5.5 Liter (SAE 90-140) Oil
Dimensions of Tractor with Iron Wheels / Rubber Wheels Length (mm) 2725 / 2725
Width (mm) 1130 / 865
Height (mm) 1430 / 1360
Weight without diesel (kg) 214.8 / 165.2 *
Weight with diesel (kg) 303.8 / 254.2**
Working Capacity (using 8.5 HP diesel and single plow) Paddy fields (hours/Ha) ± 11.66 **
Dryland (hours/Ha) ± 11.02**
Engine Specifications
Type RD 85 DI-2S RD 85 DI-1S RD 110 DI-2T
Diesel Motor Type 1 Cylinder flat diesel engine (4 stroke)
Average Power (HP/RPM) 7.5 / 2200 10 / 2400
Maximum Power (HP/RPM) 8.5 / 2200 11 / 2400
Balance Tool 2 Axial Balance 2 Axial Balance
Fuel Solar with good quality
Starting System With starter crank
Combustion System Direct injection
Cooling System Water with radiator
Refuel (liters) 9.5 11
Lubricating Oil Fill (liters) 2.4 2.8
Weight (Kg) 89 86 106
Lights 12 – 32/32 (Regulatory IC)
Implement/Standard Equipment


Cage Wheel








Implement/Additional Equipment


Long Step Cage Wheel A (40cm)


Wide Step Cage Wheel A (12cm)


Wide Step Cage Wheel C (15cm)


Parabolic Plough


Hitch II
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