Quick G 600

Agile Maneuver

The Quick G 600 tractor is a two-wheeled tractor that is agile to maneuver to plow rice fields or narrow fields. The Kubota RD 65 DI-1S or RD 65 DI-2S engine is powered by 6.5 HP. Strong and tough to cultivate dry and wet land.


CV Karya Hidup Sentosa realizes that quality is a priority. To that end, we manufacture gearboxes and tractor frames using high quality materials. The best technology in body and implementation guarantees the strength of the tractor.

Agile in Maneuver

Supported with a small turning radius, this tractor is a mainstay in narrow areas. The lightweight turning clutch makes the tractor even easier to control. His agility in maneuvering cannot be doubted.

Hand Tractor Specifications
Merk/Model QUICK / G 600
Speed 1 Speed ​​Forward
Transmission System Full Gear
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Drive System (Main Clutch) V-Belt (2 pieces) & Tension Pulley
System Steering (Turning Clutch) Dog Clutch
Lubricating Oil Fill 3.5 Liter (SAE 90-140) Oil
Dimensions of Tractor with Iron Wheels / Rubber Wheels Length (mm) 2310 / 2310
Width (mm) 1058 / 780
Height (mm) 1420 / 1290
Weight without diesel (kg) 165.2 / 138.6
Weight with diesel (kg) 238.2/211.6*
Working Capacity (using 6.5 HP diesel and single plow) Paddy fields (hours/Ha) ± 13.42*
Dryland (hours/Ha) ± 12.89 *
Engine Specifications
Type RD 65 DI-1S RD 65 DI-2S
Diesel Motor Type 1 Cylinder flat diesel engine (4 stroke)
Average Power (HP/RPM) 5.5 / 2200
Maximum Power (HP/RPM) 6.5 / 2200
Fuel Solar with good quality
Starting System Crank
Combustion System Direct Injection Type
Cooling System Water with radiator
Refuel (liters) 8
Lubricating Oil Fill (liters) 2 2
Weight (Kg) 67 73
Lights 12 – 32/32 (Regulatory IC)
Implement/ Standar Equipment


Cage Wheel








Implement/ Additional Equipment


Hitch II (for narrow (edge) area)
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