Quick GSP Series

Sound and Stable Output

Quick Generator Sound Proof (GSP), a silent and low-vibration generating set (genset) for environments with a high level of tranquility. Prime and stable voltage. Using a Kubota engine with TVCS technology (Three Vortex Combustion System) and a Stamford alternator with AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator).

Eco-friendly Technology

The engine combustion system uses E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) technology which is environmentally friendly. This system improves the quality of exhaust emissions by optimizing the air/fuel mixture and by shortening the combustion delay.

Champion Performance

The Quick GSP Series uses Kubota engines that have been tested for quality around the world. Coupled with a classy and popular Stamford alternator, this generating set has a stable, steady output and excellent performance. The silent box is compact and tight so it can reduce the noise generated by the generator components. Rubber pads are placed in strategic locations to dampen vibrations.




Easy Maintenance

The Quick GSP Series is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The two sides of the generator door can be opened wide up to 180 degrees so that maintenance can reach various sides. There is a maintenance lamp that automatically turns on when the door is opened for lighting during maintenance.


Ease of Operation

Genset operation is made easier with the existence of a module that displays all information on the generator's operational condition. In addition, this module also functions as an alarm if an obstacle occurs. With the smart control button, just press one button to turn it on.


Security Assurance

The generator is equipped with an automatic shutdown system where the engine will turn off automatically in the event of an abnormal condition or overload. An easy-to-reach emergency stop button is also added to ensure the safety of the generator operation.

QUICK GSP Genset Specifications
Frequency Hz 50 50 50
Standby Output kVA (kW) 13,8 (11,0) 22,0 (17,6) 33,0 (26,4)
Prime Output kVA (kW) 12,5 (10,0) 20,0 (16,0) 30,0 (24,0)
Voltage – Single Phase V 220 220 220
Phase / Wire 3 / 12 3 / 12 3 / 12
Power Factor 0,8 0,8 0,8
No. of Poles 4 4 4
Insulations Class H H H
Maintenance Lamp   Auto Lights On – When The Door Opened
Control Panel   Digital with AMF
Type Vertical, 4 Cycle, Water Cooled with Radiator
Model D1703 V2203 V3300
No. of Cylinders 3 4 4
Bore X Stroke mm 87,0 x 92,4 87,0 x 92,4 98,0 x 110,0
Displacement cc 1.647 2.197 3.318
Engine Speed rpm 1.500 1.500 1.500
Continous Rated Output kW (HP) 12,7 (17,0) 18,4 (24,7) 26,8 (35,9)
Oil Capacity Liter 5,3 7,6 13,2
Coolant Capacity Liter 6,9 6,3 8,2
Fuel Consumption at Full Load Liter / Hour 4,0 5,3 7,7
at 3/4 Load Liter / Hour 3,2 4,0 5,9
at 1/2 Load Liter / Hour 2,5 3,1 4,3
at 1/4 Load Liter / Hour 1,6 2,1 3,2
Fuel Tank Capacity Liter 60 70 90
Battery (AH / 20h) 12V (70Ah) 12V (70Ah) 12V (120Ah)
Dimension L x W x H cm 165 x 80 x 105 180 x 90 x 110 200 x 100 x 120
Approx. Net Weight Kg (lbs) 585 700 800
Sound Level [Full load at 23 ft. (7m)] dB (A) 61 62 64
Emergency Stop System In case of abnormal: Water Temperature and oil pressure
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