Quick Combine Harvester QH-11

Surely Profitable

Quick Combine Harvester QH-11 Series, a combination rice harvesting machine to increase productivity and profit from crop yields. As the name suggests, this tool is a combination of three different operations, namely reaping, threshing, and winnowing. The output is grain with a level of cleanliness reaching 91.85% and losses 1.95%.

Fast and Efficient Harvest

This rice harvesting machine combines three processes at once, namely harvesting, threshing and winnowing. The height of the cutting tool can be adjusted by the hydraulic system. Designed with an effective separation system, this harvesting machine is able to provide clean results with low losses. Harvesting is now faster and more efficient.

Ease of Transportation

The ease of transportation and operation of the harvesting machine is offered through the right dimensions and light weight. The slim body makes the Quick QH-11 Series quite easy to transport using a pick up car. Moving harvesting machines from land to land is even easier.

Able on Mud Land

The track crawler used is made of rubber and has a width of 320 mm. The unique pattern on the crawler is designed to make it easier for this harvesting machine to operate on dry, wet, to muddy land.

Agile Maneuver

Having a small turning radius, the Quick QH-11 series is the best choice of rice harvesting machine for working in narrow to medium fields. Its agile maneuvers are very helpful to reach the entire crop and optimize harvesting.

Safe and Convenient Control

The driver's seat is positioned behind the appliance to provide ideal views in all directions. The yield (grain) shelter is located right next to the driver's seat. Operational levers are located in a location that is easily accessible to the driver even in a seated position. The operation of the harvesting machine has also become safer and more comfortable.

Harvester Specifications
Product Name Paddy Combine Harvester(Paddy Combine Harvester)
Model QH-11B DM QH-11B DE
Type Riding Type
Dimensions Length (mm) 3430
Width (mm) 1560
Height (mm) 1495
Weight (kg) 899 919
Specification Machines Drive Machine Type 4 Stroke, Water Cooled Diesel
Type RD 150 DI-2N-K RD 150 NB
Maximum Power (HP/rpm) 11/2,400 15/2,400
Refuel (Liters) 11 (Solar)
Lubricating Oil Fill (Liters) 2.8 (SAE 30) 2.8 (SAE 40)
Starting System Crank Crank/Electric
Control System Transmission Type Combination (Gear-Chain)
Speed Forward 3 Speed
Back off 1 Speed
Crawler Crawler Width (mm) 320
Materials Rubber
Ground Clearance (mm) 295
Steering System Dog Clutch with Brake
Oil Gearbox Specifications Rored (SAE-90)
Volume (Liters) 8
Hydraulic Specifications Turalik 43 (SAE-10)
Volume (Liters) 5
Cut Mechanism Altitude Settings Motor Hydraulics
Cutting Blade Width (mm) 1.230
Cut Blade Height (mm) 185 – 810 185 – 780
Machine Performance Effective Field Capacity  (hour/Ha) 7,47 6.76
Fuel Consumption (Liters/hour) 1.38 1.53
Harvest Losses/Loses (%) 1.14 1.61
Cleanliness Rate (%) 96,16 96,1

*) Specifications based on Test Report results: LB. 130/88/MPP/06/VII/2016 & LB. 130/87/MPP/05/VII/2016 Specifications are subject to change without notice, and cannot be used as a basis for claims

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