Quick Zena Rotary

Multifunction in Various Land

The Quick Zena Rotary tractor is a multifunctional two-wheel rotary tractor with a variety of implements. Able to be used for plowing, chopping, and making mounds/beds. With its 11 HP Kubota RD 110 engine, Quick Zena Rotary is the best choice for cultivating dry land with commodities such as corn, tobacco, sugar cane and also efficient for cultivating wetlands.

Unmatched Strong

CV Karya Hidup Sentosa realizes that quality is a priority. To that end, we manufacture gearboxes and tractor frames using high quality materials. The best technology in body and implementation guarantees the strength of the tractor.



With an 11 HP engine, this tractor is ready to become the mainstay of farmers in land management. The solid weight and dimensions add to the toughness of the Quick Zena Rotary Tractor to operate on all types of land.


A Mainstay in Various Lands

A wide variety of implements are available to meet the processing needs of various types of land. Starting from the process of plowing, counting to making mounds/beds can be done with one tool. Land preparation for growing rice, corn, tubers, tobacco and vegetables is becoming more efficient.


Variety of Speeds for All Needs

There are six speed options, 3 speeds forward, 1 speed reverse, and 2 speeds rotary. The speed of the tractor can be adjusted with a lever that is easily accessible to the user. Land cultivation can be easily controlled and adjusted according to needs.


Worldwide Quality

The excellent quality of processed land makes Quick Zena Rotary a mainstay for farmers. Not only in Indonesia, the performance of this tractor has been proven in various countries, such as Namibia, Zambia, and Nigeria.

Hand Tractor Specifications
Merk/Model QUICK / ZENA
Speed Forward (3), Backward (1)
Transmission System Combination (Gear-Chain)
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Drive System (Main Clutch) Dry Multiple Disc Clutch + V-Belt
Steering System (Turning Clutch) Dog Clutch
Lubricating Oil Fill Gear Transmission 8.0 Liter (SAE 90-140) Oil
Rotary Transmission Housing (RTH) 1.0 Liter (SAE 90-140) Oil
Dimensions of Tractor with Iron Wheels / Rubber Wheels Length (mm) 2270 / 2270
Width (mm) 1285 / 847
Height (mm) 1415 / 1230
Weight with diesel (kg) 274.2 / 257.6
Rotary Weight (Kg) 76
Working Capacity Paddy fields (hours/Ha) ± 6,92 *
Dryland (hours/Ha) ± 7.29 *
Engine Specifications
Type RD 110 DI-2T
Diesel Motor Type 1 Cylinder horizontal (4 steps)
Average Power (HP/RPM) 10 / 2400
Maximum Power (HP/RPM) 11 / 2400
Balance Tool 2 Axial Balance
Fuel Solar
Starting System Crank
Combustion System Direct injection
Cooling System Water with radiator
Refuel (liters) 11
Lubricating Oil Fill (liters) 2.8
Weight (Kg) 106
Iron Wheel Dimensions
Type Diameter (mm) Width (mm) Weight (mm)
Single Ring Iron Wheel 900 330 62
Iron Wheel Vaganza (Double Ring) 900 388 72.6
Boom Iron Wheel (Triple Ring) 815 605 83
Implement/Standar Equipment




Rear Wheel


Tail Skid Narrow Type


Rotary Blade Assembly


Jack Hook
Implement/Additional Equipment
Single Ring Cage Wheel with 900mm in diameter


VAGANZA Cage Wheel in 900mm diameter


VAGANZA Cage Wheel Extension Shaft


Boom Cage Wheel B (Triple Ring Wheel Cage 815 mm)


Super Cage Wheel G550 (Cage Wheel Double Ring 680 mm)


Ditching Rotor




Swing Cover Rotary


Bajak Zena


  Puddler G 1000 (Head diameter 20mm)


  Leveler G 1000 (Head diameter 20mm)
Implements Guidelines
Dry Field, Normal Soil (Depth up to 20 cm) Tyre Tyre Tyre
Cage Wheel G550 Super (Cage Wheel Double Ring 680 mm) Cage Wheel G550 Super (Cage Wheel Double Ring 680 mm) Cage Wheel VAGANZA (Cage Wheel Double Ring 900 mm)
Standar Rotary Ditching Rotor Plough ZENA
Tail Skid, Narrow Type Ridger* Leveler G 1000 (Head diameter 20 mm)
  Swing Cover *  
Wet Field, Normal Soil (Depth up to 20 cm) Cage Wheel VAGANZA (Cage Wheel Double Ring 900 mm)* x Iron Wheel VAGANZA (Double Ring 900 mm)*
VAGANZA Iron Wheel Extension* ZENA Hijack*
Standard Rotary Gar rake 1000*
Narrow Type Launcher Handle Girl*
Medium to Deep Water (Slurry)
BOOM Iron Wheel (Triple Ring 815mm)* x x
Rotary Standard
Wide Type Launcher Handle*
Special Water Hard Clay
Iron Wheel (Double Ring 680 mm)* x x
Rotary Standard
Launch Handle (narrow type)
Ditching Process
  1. Soil before processing 
  2. Soil processed using QUICK ZENA with:
    – Using plow equipment for mounds to a depth of 40cm, or
    – Using Rotary equipment for mounds of 30cm
  3. Making mounds using QUICK ZENA with:
    – Using the Ditching Rotor Group equipment for a depth of 40cm, or
    – Using the Ditching Rotor Group equipment without Swing Cover for a depth of 30cm

    NOTE: Depth can be adjusted according to requirement, soil type and initial tillage


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