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Quick Zena Rotary

Quick Zena Rotary, a versatile rotary hand tractor/rotary tiller for various field.  Reliable agricultural machinery for soil cultivating, rotary processing, ploughing, and ditching. Using 11 HP Kubota diesel engine, Quick Zena Rotary is the best choice to assist you.


  • 11 HP engine to help you finish any job


  • Body frame is made of high quality cast iron which has proven its strength, durability, stability, minimum vibration and also precision even after reassembled and utilized many times


  • Strong, stable and powerful to do rotary process, ploughing, and ditching
  • Able to perform both in dry and wet land.
Brand/ModelQUICK / ZENA
SpeedForward (3), Reverse (1), Rotary (2)
Transmission SystemCombination (Gear-Chain)
Gear CaseCasting Dual Part System
Main ClutchDry Multiple Disc Clutch + V-Belt
Steering ClutchDog Clutch
LubricantGear Transmission8.0 Liter (SAE 90-140 Oil)
Rotary Transmission Housing (RTH)1.0 Liter (SAE 90-140 Oil)
Dimensions with Cage Wheel / TyreLength (mm)2270 / 2270
Width (mm)847 / 1285
Height (mm)1415 / 1230
Weight without engine (kg)244.2 / 227.6
Weight with engine(kg)350.2 / 333.6
RotaryWeight (Kg)76
CapacityPaddy Field (hr/Ha)± 7.08 *
Dry Field (hr/Ha)± 7.37 *

* Based on two wheels QUICK Zena – RD110 DI-2T test report, No. Test Report: LB. 130/22/TRD/16/II/2015
** Specification are subject to change without prior notice

TypeRD 110 DI-2T
Engine Type1 cylinder, horizontal engine (4 strokes)
Average Power (HP/RPM)10 / 2400
Max. Power (HP/RPM)11 / 2400
Balancing Element2 axial balancing
Fueldiesel fuel
Starting Systemmanual starter
Combustion Systemdirect injection
Cooling Systemwater cooling system
Fuel Tank Capacity (liter)11
Lubricant Volume (liter)2.8
Weight (Kg)106

* Specification and design are subject to change without prior notice

 roda karet Quick G 1000 Boxer Tyre
  Rear Wheel
  Tail Skid Narrow Type
  Rotary Blade Assembly
  Jack Hook
  Single Ring Cage Wheel with 900mm in diameter
 roda besi standar Quick G 1000 Boxer VAGANZA Cage Wheel in 900mm diameter
  VAGANZA Cage Wheel Extension Shaft
  Boom Cage Wheel B (Triple Ring Wheel Cage 815 mm)
  Tail Skid Wide Type
  Super Cage Wheel G550 (Cage Wheel Double Ring 680 mm)
  Ditching Rotor
  Swing Cover Rotary
 bajak singkal Quick G 1000 Boxer Plough
 gelebeg Quick G 1000 Boxer  Puddler G 1000 (Head diameter 20mm)
 garu Quick G 1000 Boxer  Leveler G 1000 (Head diameter 20mm)
Dry Field, Normal Soil (Depth up to 20 cm)TyreTyreTyre
Cage Wheel G550 Super (Cage Wheel Double Ring 680 mm)Cage Wheel G550 Super (Cage Wheel Double Ring 680 mm)Cage Wheel VAGANZA (Cage Wheel Double Ring 900 mm)
Standard RotaryDitching RotorPlough ZENA
Tail Skid, Narrow TypeRidgerLeveler G 1000 (Head diameter 20 mm)
 Swing Cover * 
Wet Field, Normal Soil (Depth up to 20 cm)Cage Wheel VAGANZA (Cage Wheel Double Ring 900 mm)xCage Wheel VAGANZA (Cage Wheel Double Ring 900 mm)
Extension Cage Wheel VAGANZAPlough ZENA
Rotary StandardLeveler G 1000 (Head diameter 20mm)
Tail Skid, Narrow TypePudller
Wet Field, Deep Soil (Depth more than 20 cm)Cage Wheel BOOM B (Cage Wheel Triple Ring 815mm)xx
Rotary Standard
Tail Skid, Wide Type
Wet Field, Stiff and Loam SoilCage Wheel G550 Super (Cage Wheel Double Ring 680 mm)xx
Rotary Standard
Tail Skid, Narrow Type

* Depth is more than 30 cm

Notes of Color:
Blue color means optional equipment


    – Dry Field
    Wheel: Tyre or Cage Wheel G550 SUPER (Diameter 680 mm)
    – Wet Field, Normal Soil
    Wheel: Cage Wheel VAGANZA and must have an extension
    – Use Tyre or Cage Wheel G550 SUPER (Diameter 680 mm)
    – For Depth ≥ 30 cm ;
    Ploughing process must be done first. Ditching rotor must be equipped Swing Cover in ditching process
    – For Depth < 30 cm ;
    Process can be done without ploughing and Swing Cover
    – Dry Field
    Wheel : Tyre or Cage Wheel VAGANZA
    – Wet Field
    Wheel : Cage Wheel VAGANZA
  • Undone Soil .
  • Soil processing using QUICK ZENA: – Use ploughing equipment to achieve ditch with a depth of 40 cm, or – Use rotary equipment to achieve ditch with a depth of 30 cm .
  • Ditching Process using QUICK ZENA: – Use Ditching Rotor Group for ditch with 40 cm in depth, or – Use Ditching Rotor Group without Swing Cover for ditch with 30 cm in depth .
  • Notes: Depth can be ajusted with your needs, soil type and initial ploughing

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