The Great Manjat

Quick Impala tractor, a two-wheeled plow tractor that is good at climbing and descending rice fields. The light weight is the best choice for plowing terraced rice fields in mountainous areas. the strength and toughness of the body comes from special cast iron. There are two engine choices, Kubota RD 65 (diesel engine) or Honda GX 270 (gasoline engine).


Strong and Quality

CV Karya Hidup Sentosa realizes that quality is a priority. To that end, we manufacture gearboxes and tractor frames using high quality materials. The best technology in body and implementation guarantees the strength of the tractor.


Terrace Climber Champion

This mainstay of terracing land cultivation has the right shape, light weight, and stability. Moving between terraces is easier because this tractor is able to climb the terraces.


Power and Speed Variants

There are two engine choices, Kubota RD 65 (diesel engine) and Honda GX 270 (gasoline engine). Diesel engines provide higher torque resulting in a more stable and powerful performance. Meanwhile, the gasoline engine has a lightweight design so that the tractor can move more agile.

Hand Tractor Specifications
Merk/Model QUICK / Impala
Speed 1 Speed ​​Forward
Transmission System Combination (Gear-Chain)
Gear Case Casting Dual Part System
Drive System (Main Clutch) V-Belt & Tension Pulley *
Steering System (Turning Clutch) Dog Clutch
Lubricating Oil Fill 4.6 Liters (SAE 90-140) Oil
Dimensions of Tractor with Iron Wheels Ø 720mm / Rubber Wheel Length (mm) 2230 / 2230
Width (mm) 1055 / 720
Height (mm) 1153 / 1125
Weight with diesel engine Kubota RD 65 DI-1s (kg) 204.8 / 188.6 **
Weight with drive engine (kg) plus the weight of the driving machine used
Working Capacity (using 6.5 HP diesel and single plow) Paddy fields (hours/Ha) ± 11.48 ***
Dryland (hours/Ha) ± 11.54 ***

* Note: V-Belt B66 (2pcs) Pulley Ø 220mm for low speed Diesel (1600 – 2200 rpm) and V-Belt B68 (1pcs) Pulley Ø 260mm for high speed gasoline motor (2600 – 3600 rpm).
** Weight without implement.
*** Based on the QUICK IMPALA two wheel tractor test report – RD 65 DI-2S, No test report LB. 130/236/TRE/10/XII/2017
**** Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Engine Specifications
Model RD 65 DI-1S RD 65 DI-2S GX 270
Motor Type Drive 1 Cylinder Horizontal (4 steps) 4 Step 1 Cylinder, OHV (Overhead Valve), 25° slope
Average Power (HP/RPM) 5.5 / 2200 8 / 3600
Maximum Power (HP/RPM) 6.5 / 2200 9 / 3600
Fuel Solar with good quality Gasoline
Starting System Crank Recoil Starter
System Fogging Direct Injection Type
Balance Tool Two axial balancers
Cooling System Water with radiator Air (Forced Air)
Refuel (liters) 8 5.3
Lubricating Oil Fill (liters) 2 1.1
Weight (Kg) 67 73 25
Lights 12 – 32/32 (Regulatory IC)

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Implement/ Standar Equipment


Cage Wheel (Ø720mm)








Implement/ Additional Equipment


Hitch II (for narrow area)
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